“Hard work is life, now we will never beg in life” – Suresh

Suresh is a native of Lucknow, however, he has been living on streets from past 4 to 5 years and sustains a living by begging. About 4 years ago he left his home due to persistent conflict among the family members and reached a temple. Here seeing no other option to ensure survival, he started begging and continued it for 1.5 years. He used to sit outside various temples and beg for alms, through which he made 100/- to 150/- per day. However, his conscience constantly bothered him and he felt begging is not a dignified means to lead a life. As a result of which he started to look down upon the money made from begging and was looking for help. He found this help through Badlav, for when he met us, he started feeling optimistic about himself and his future. He was hopeful that he’ll be able to quit begging and live a respectful life and after joining the organization he gave up begging and started pulling a rickshaw, which empowered him to earn approximately ₹250 to ₹300 per day. However his increasing age is a barrier to having rickshaw pulling as a lifelong means of livelihood, as it requires lots of physical effort which is not possible at his age. But he is hopeful that he will work hard and save enough to purchase an electric rickshaw in future.