As a result of our campaigns and projects, we have been able to bring about significant positive changes in the lives of the needy. Let’s have a look at the resounding impact Badlav has been able to create till date.

On the education front, Badlav runs two education centres in which 300 students are currently receiving education. In 2017-18 itself, we were able to enroll 186 underprivileged children in Government schools.

Apart from the milestones already achieved, we look forward to taking Badlav to a much higher level with wider scope.


The Bhikshavrati Mukti Abhiyan, our flagship project, has helped create employment opportunities among the beggars. In one of our campaigns, some beggars were handed over a thermocol box and some water pouches to sell, and were told to continue the business by investing their earnings from the first day.

Since the starting of Badlav, quite many beggars have been given assistance to start a new life, and they have been able to quit begging and have founded employment and dignity.Badlav has also made attempts for the treatment of beggars suffering from various diseases.
  • 209 Beneficiaries have left begging and are working in different fields with dignity.
  • 209 Beneficiaries restore their lost dignity and self-respect.
  • 180 Beneficiaries return to the families or main stream of society and living in harmony.
  • Increase Earning Of Beneficiaries.
  • Reform living quality: – Personal & family.
  • Reform educational, health, economical & social standard.
  • Human resource utilization.
  • Increase GDP.
  • Build inclusive society.
  • Aware & find Constitutional and human rights.
  • 968 clients Link with gov. welfare scheme.
Services Provided No. of Beggars
Aadhar Card
Ration Card under food security scheme
Samajwadi, Old age, Disabled, Widow pension
Medical treatment

Direct Outreach:- 3100

Indirect Outreach:- 16000


326 children were ushered into the mainstream society by providing them education opportunities (out of which, 26 children were already associated with the Bal Bhikhshvrati campaign, 150 were drop-outs and 150 were totally deprived of education and schooling.)

Direct Outreach:- 1200

Indirect Outreach:- 10000


Jagrik / Active Citizen
Capicity Bulid
Direct Outreach
Indirect Outreach


1. Sanjha Rashoi: During the months of April and May, 600 people (beggars, homeless and daily wage workers) were provided meals. A total of 36000 people in need were benefited by the initiative.

2. Khushi Kit (dry ration items): 600 needy families were provided ration items and the beneficiaries included transgenders, helpless women and families of daily wage labourers.

3. Dignity Kit: The homeless and needy were provided these Dignity Kits containing essential ration items, in exchange for their social services rendered during the lockdown period.