What We Do

Bhikshavrati Mukti Abhiyan (A voice of Opportunity, Dignity and Self Respect)


To integrate beggars with the mainstream society through rehabilitation by providing employment oriented training and assistance to enable them to start a new life with dignity.

Through this project, we motivate these people to quit begging, and help them to start small businesses or to find employment in tea stalls, vegetable stalls, plumbing, painting etc. so that they can restore their lost dignity and live a harmonious social life. We are currently running Bhikshavratti Mukti Abhiyan (Beggar Free Campaign) in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. We make regular visits to railway stations, bus stands and other such places to motivate them to quit begging. We bring them to our rehabilitation centre and provide all basic facilities like shelter, food and clothing. We also assist in de-addiction through psychological counseling and providing medical facilities to make them physically and mentally strong. By helping them develop skills, we enable them to earn a decent living. We also
help to connect them to the government welfare schemes and also to their families so that they can start a better life.

Bal Jeewanshala (Play, Learn and Innovate)


The objective of this project is to rehabilitate children involved in begging by bringing them back into the mainstream through education.

Formerly known as Badlav Paathshala, this initiative was started on the 2nd of October, 2016 on the second anniversary of our Bhikshavratti Mukti Abhiyan. Although this was started for children involved in begging, the project got extended to other underprivileged
children too. The students under Bal Jeewanshala are also provided admission in the nearest Government Primary Schools and various academic, creative and co-curricular activities are conducted six days a week in its learning center, for the holistic growth of the

Be a Jagrik (Awareness is power)


To make citizens aware of the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights & duties, Sustainable Development Goals and encourage them to take appropriate action at the grassroots level in the community and raise voice for a change in the world.

Be A Jagrik is a public initiative of Community the Youth Collective, with whom Badlav is partnering as a co-institute. This initiative is
an amalgamation of the two constitutions – the Indian Constitution and the International Constitution, which aims to bridge the gap between the textbook and reality. The objective of this initiative is to make the youth population aware of Sustainable Development Goals and the fundamental rights & duties in  the Indian Constitution. It also encourages the youth to raise their voices to bring a positive change in the world, by engaging itself and engaging in productive activities at the grassroots level with the larger community. Be A Jagrik
Initiative has begun the Badlav in the form of a partner body in Lucknow starting 2 October 2018.


Covid 19 Relief work (Path to compassion, courage and help)


To provide relief to the underprivileged population through nutritional food & hygiene and dignity kits.

The Coronavirus induced lockdown in India has adversely affected lakhs of daily wage earners,servants,construction workers,rickshaw pullers,transgender community,household working ladies,beggars and so on,who have no means of income to feed their families and fulfil other basic needs. Thus, to tackle these issues, we have taken the following initiatives:

  1. Sanjha Rashoi
  2. Khushi Kit (Ration & essential materials )
  3. Dignity Kit (Dignity For Work)

At this hour of the worldwide pandemic crisis, there is serious danger to life. In India, people who are hit tremendously are those living in slums, the transgender community, household helps & those people who make a living by begging or are destitute. These people constitute a high percentage of the population. As per Government advisory, people are advised to stay indoors. But the majority of these people do not have the privilege of a home. Secondly they lack money and other resources to buy food or other essential items. Thirdly, they lack awareness regarding the Covid infection. 

The foremost need for survival is food and the groups of people mentioned above, are facing difficulty in getting to eat healthy food on a daily basis. To tackle this issue, a “SAANJHA RASHOI”  is established and run from shelter home established at Mill road, Aishbagh, Lucknow.   It is serving healthy, hygienically prepared, fresh food to 50 people on a daily basis. It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and two times tea. We are also providing food packets to 500 people who were involved in begging and are destitute at Jhule Lal Bagiya on banks of Gomti River.

In another endeavour, families are visited in those areas which consist of daily wage workers, transgenders, women working as household helps and the beggar community. These families are given essential kits named “KHUSHI” kits that contain all essential items required to make food and are required for maintaining personal hygiene. They are also encouraged to adopt hygienic practices.To make the project more impactful it is important to break myths related to coronavirus. So the beneficiaries are also oriented about safety against Covid-19.

Post the Covid-19 lockdown, the lesser privileged sections of the society were assisted at a local level in finding engagement and work opportunities in places like community centres, primary schools, Anganwadi centres etc, besides cleaning of parks, afforestation, road repair and others. As a recognition of the work done by these people, they were handed over ‘dignity kits’, consisting of essential items of daily need.