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Core Principle Values - Badlav

Core Principle Values


We genuinely accept our beneficiaries free from prejudices and biases irrespective of their race, gender, religion or caste.


We are transparent about our interventions and policies with our stakeholders. We value being honest and consistent in our actions and words.


We empathize with our beneficiaries so as to witness, understand and accept their worldview even if it differs from our own views. This empathy helps us in guiding our decision-making and becoming more receptive, thus making them feel acknowledged and validated.

Non – judgmental & open minded attitude

We maintain an attitude which is free from preconceived notions, ideas and impressions towards our beneficiaries. This helps us in building trustworthy relationships and promotes opportunities for new learning.


We ensure complete confidentiality of sensitive information to safeguard the interests of our beneficiaries and partners.


We are accountable to the people, communities and stakeholders we work with. We strive to serve the society with full responsiveness.


We believe every individual has an inherent worth or value and we work rigorously towards upholding this value of dignity.


We collaborate with CSOs, partners, networks of stakeholders, communities, government agencies to encourage collectivism and greater impact.