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Testimonials - Badlav


Anshu Bhartia

CEO, UnLtd India

We profoundly believe in Badlav’s vision of working with people who resorted to begging as a means of survival. Sharad’s commitment and passion for uplifting the most marginalized strata of society by rehabilitating them and in the process ensuring their sound physical, mental and economic well-being is inspirational. We wish Sharad, his team at Badlav and all enabling institutions supporting this endeavor our very best. 

Dr. Sunilam

Social Activist

Best way of serving the society is serving the deprived, and Sharad Patel is utilizing his education by working for one of the most vulnerable and neglected communities of society, to do this service. My best wishes.

Dr. Gaurav Kumar Singh


I from the core of my heart admire Sharad’s passion to achieve his mission. Through Badlav, Sharad has developed a practical model of eradicating beggary, which has ignited hopes of freeing the individuals from the shackles of beggary. In the coming times, I am hopeful this will prove to be a real work for the society as well as the country. 

Irwan Malhotra (Mr)

Co-Founder- Givfunds

Badlav is a social enterprise which dedicates itself to individuals who resorted to begging as a means to survive and are living on the margins of society in Lucknow. They work towards empowering these individuals by making them fiscally independent and its members are deeply committed and passionate about this cause, which is very commendable. GivFunds will forever be grateful and eager to lend support for such activities. Keep Going.

Dr. Manorama Singh

Regional Director, IGNOU Lucknow

Badlav, founded by Shri Sharad Patel is an organization dedicated to integrating the deprived and marginalized individuals of society, who are dependent on begging for survival, with the mainstream. I have personally seen his work of ensuring the physical and mental well-being of all beneficiaries at the shelter home managed by Mr. Patel. His efforts to provide his beneficiaries with livelihoods are commendable. I wish him all the success in life.

Dr. Kirti Vikram Singh

Asst. Regional Director, IGNOU Lucknow

I am very impressed by the Badlav’s endeavor to empower beggars by rehabilitating them. I wish them the best of luck for the future. 

S. R. Darapuri

Ret. IPS

Excellent endeavor by Mr. Sharad Patel, will flourish with support.