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This Man Is Fighting Against the System to Give Beggars a Dignified Life

Meet Sharad Patel Who Is Helping Poor & Destitute Live A Life Of Dignity

Sharad Patel changed the lives of beggars by employing instead of begging

Alms and the man: the beggar who is now a schoolteacher

Badlav: How Lucknow’s Sharad Patel is helping beggars set up micro-enterprises to lead a dignified life

In 3 Hours, Former Beggars Clean Up 1 Ton Waste From Gomati River, Aim To Address 11 Other Social Evils Next

गांव कनेक्शन विशेष : इन 6 भिखारियों की आप बीती सुनकर आप की सोच बदल जाएगी

बदलाव पाठशाला: भीख मांगने, कचरा बीनने वाले बच्चों के हाथों में आयी किताबें

Should a development-focused country not care about their beggars?

This man changed the lives of hundreds of Beggars.

लखनऊ का एक ऐसा शख्स जिसका लक्ष्य सिर्फ समाज सेवा

How 200 beggars in Lucknow have become self-reliant by setting up micro-businesses

Uttar Pradesh: The lives of forced beggars are changing like this

City Star: लखनऊ के शरद बना रहे भिखारियों को कर्मयोगी

यूपी के इस युवा ने 200 से ज्यादा भिखारियों को बनाया आत्मनिर्भर, ऐसे दिया सबको रोजगार

Former Beggars Form Human Chain to Clean River Gomati, Remove 1 Ton of Plastic Waste

Beggars volunteer to clean Gomti, take out 10 quintal trash