“Compelled to sleep hungry due to covid-19 lockdown”- Sajan

On one humid afternoon when the sun’s heat was scorching enough, brothers Ramesh and Sajan residents of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, were sitting under the shade of a tree with great anticipation in their hearts. 32 year old Sajan short in stature, is differently able, and his 35-year-old elder brother Ramesh is visually impaired from the age of five when due to some incident he lost his eyesight forever. They lost their parents in childhood and settled in Lucknow many years ago. Seeing no other option to sustain a living they resorted to begging so as to ensure the survival of their family which includes 1 sister and 3 brothers including Ramesh and Sajan.  Sajan sits on the tricycle while Ramesh pushes the tricycle from behind to reach the place where they beg. Placing his head on the armrest of tricycle Sajan shares his experience of days before covid-19 by saying, “जब ये कोरोना नहीं था तब इतनी भीख मिल जाती थी कि भूखे सोने की नौबत नहीं आती थी लेकिन अभी तो लोगों के पास खुद आमदनी नहीं है तो वो हमें भीख कहाँ से देंगे?”. Taking a huge sigh of relief Sajan says, “कुछ दिनों पहले आपने हमें राशन दे दिया, उससे महीना 15 दिन हमारे पार हो जाएंगे. ऐसे समय में राशन मिलने से बड़ी राहत मिली है.” Badlav Collaboration with Goonj, starting from last year, has delivered ration kits to more than 2000 families till now. Ramesh and Sajan’s family is also one of the many families who breathed a sigh of relief after receiving the relief kit of ration. When asked what is the biggest challenge for you at present, Sajan folding his hands answers, “साहब खाने का इतंजाम तो हम सालभर जैसे-तैसे कर लेंगे. अभी आपने जो राशन दिया है वही कुछ दिन चलेगा. अगर कोई हमारे बच्चों को पढ़ा दे तो उसका बड़ा भला होगा.”