The inspiration behind Badlav dates back prior to 2013, when the founder Sharad Patel arrived in Lucknow to pursue higher education in the field of social work. Patel witnessed a group of beggars outside a railway station, consuming intoxicants. That was when he realised that these helpless and misguided people, including kids, were pushed into using harmful intoxicants using the cash donations they received.

Going forward, another time, when Patel bought a meal for a beggar at a Taxi stand, it struck him that buying one meal for the beggar would only solve the problem for the time being. It would be a wonderful idea if these beggars are taught the skill of growing paddy or wheat. That way, he would become independent and would be able earn his living by contributing to farming activites.

This is how the idea behind Badlav took shape. With this thought Sharad Patel, along with two of his colleagues, started the ‘Bhikshavratti Mukti Abhiyan’, a beggar elimination movement on 2nd October, 2014 in Luknow. Afterhaving done social work for a while, Patel came up with the thought of taking this campaign to help beggars to a much bigger level, with a far greater scope. That is how Badlav came into being.