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Covid 19 rehabilitation sustainability - Badlav

Covid - 19 response
Rehabilitation | Sustainability

Dignity For Work

A flagship program of Goonj Organization was implemented by Badlav in communities of the less privileged whose livelihoods were profoundly impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown. These people were assisted at a local level by engaging them in community development work. They conducted minor repairing and maintenance work of community centers, primary schools, Anganwadi centers, etc, besides cleaning of parks, afforestation, road repairing and other jobs of labor. As a recognition of the work done by these people, they were handed over ‘dignity kits’, consisting of essential items of daily need. This initiative also provided employment to the people of the community at the local level and also led to the development of the community. One of the flagship programs of Goonj.


This was a flagship initiative of Goonj during Covid-19  that endeavors to support people to return to normal life which was impacted by Covid-19. Badlav implemented this initiative with the neglected and vulnerable communities living in Dubagga, Lucknow, by helping them in reviving their ancestral business of making dholak (a musical instrument) and making sil batta (grinding stone), which were either shut down or were on the verge of shutting down due to Covid-19 lockdown and resulting lack of sales. Due to Covid all their savings and resources were exhausted due to which they were short of capital required for rescaling their business. They were provided with all raw materials which enabled them to restart their livelihood. Other beneficiaries of this initiative included beggars & covid-19 infected families who were rehabilitated and linked with livelihood in the form of micro-businesses/enterprises and employment opportunities.